Liverpool Legend Wants The Anfield Kop To Be For Locals Only

Liverpool Legend Wants The Anfield Kop To Be For Locals Only

One of the most popular Premier League sides in Ireland, Bruce Grobbelaar wants Liverpool to focus their attentions a little more closely on supporters closer to home.

With many Irish Liverpool fans making regular trips to Anfield season after season, Grobbelaar would prefer if they, and other fans traveling from from across the world, were kept out of Anfield's famous Kop end.

Having played over 600 games for Liverpool and won all that was on offer, Grobbelaar wants the Kop to be for Scousers only:

For Premier League games, you get people coming from all over, paying big money to get into the games as part of a weekend away. I’d like to see the whole of the Kop just for people from Liverpool. Then you’ll find that the singing lasts for 90 minutes.

Citing the renowned atmosphere that Anfield creates on European nights, Grobbelaar explained to the Liverpool Echo that this was because "overseas fans can't get tickets," and it is "mainly local fans" who ensure the home-side have a vocal support behind them.


A treasured experience for any Liverpool fan (irrespective of their country of birth), experiencing Anfield from the perspective of the Kop is unlikely to limited to those from Liverpool alone.

However, the Zimbabwean Grobbelaar believes it is a suggestion is "something for the owners to listen to."

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