Leaked Contract Shows Exactly How Much Barcelona Paid Liverpool For Luis Suarez

Leaked Contract Shows Exactly How Much Barcelona Paid Liverpool For Luis Suarez

Those crafty hooers over at Football Leaks are at it again. Having caused some headaches with the release of plenty of confidential transfer agreements over the past couple of months, they're back today with another big scoop. We now know exactly how much Barcelona paid Liverpool for Luis Suarez.

The contract agreements for the likes of Anthony Martial and Gareth Bale were of interest to plenty of fans when the football whistleblowing website got their hands on them and published them for the world to see. They've continued along those lines in recent weeks with Sergio Aguero's move to Man City recently coming under the spotlight and it's the turn of Suarez's move to Barcelona which gets the full disclosure treatment.

The highlight news is, despite what some sections of the English press reported, Liverpool did not receive £75 million for Suarez. Instead they received exactly £64,980,000, the figure that Barcelona explicitly stated a couple of months after the deal went through.

The transfer was to be paid in five instalments with the final instalment of £12,980,000 due on July 31st of this year. After that, it's about as simple as a £65 million contract will ever be. No clarifying clauses, no performance related bonus, just a hell of a lot of money for one of the world's best players.


It's not the £75 million that may have initially been claimed but, considering his stock in the aftermath of the Chiellini bite, Liverpool were no doubt happy to get the deal sorted as quickly and as smoothly as did. And, for their part, Barca got the final piece in the jigsaw of quite possibly the best attacking trio that football has ever seen. In other words, £65 million well spent.

You can see the full Luis Suarez leaked contract below via Football Leaks.


Gary Reilly

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