Luis Suarez Describes Aftermath Of Liverpool Collapse As 'Worst Days Of His Life'

Luis Suarez Describes Aftermath Of Liverpool Collapse As 'Worst Days Of His Life'

It may be well over a month since Barcelona's dramatic collapse at Anfield in the Champions League semi-final, but it seems that the Barca players still have not gotten over the 4-0 loss.

Lionel Messi said recently how his young son mocks him about his team's embarrassing defeat, while other players have not been shy about describing the effect the game has had on them. You can now add Luis Suarez to that list.

That tie had an added significance for Suarez, with his strong ties to Anfield dominating the buildup to the game. While he may have departed the club at the height of his powers in 2014, he was still highly thought of at Anfield by the majority of supporters.

Of course, he would burn those bridges in the first leg. He showed very little respect for Liverpool or their players, something that did not go down all that well with the club's supporters. They would give him a very frosty reception in the return leg, and they will no doubt be delighted with comments he made to Argentina’s Fox Sports (h/t Marca) this week.

He told the South American outlet that the days following the defeat were some of the worst of his life:

After the elimination in the Champions League, I wanted to disappear from the world, they were the worst days of my life and my career, along with the 2014 World Cup.

I didn’t even want to take my children to school because everyone could see that it was wrong. There were days when I did not want to do anything.


Suarez made plenty of enemies in Merseyside over the two games, most notably Andy Robertson. He gave the Scot plenty of grief in the opening leg, but it would the defender who had the final laugh.

Poor old Luis can't catch a break.

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