Luke Shaw Worried About Coming On Too Strong In WhatsApp Chat With Jose Mourinho

Luke Shaw Worried About Coming On Too Strong In WhatsApp Chat With Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho Punching Bag Luke Shaw is determined to make something of his Man United career this season. To do so, he committed himself to a rigorous fitness schedule during his holidays, heading to Dubai to do aerobic work every morning and core work each evening.

Like most people do, Shaw consolidated his work by sharing a picture on Instagram.

While Shaw was sweating in Dubai, his manager was in Russia working as a World Cup pundit with RT/Russia Today. While Mourinho stood about looking raffish and being relatively charming, he was aware of his defender's regime, as Shaw reveals today in an interview with The Guardian.


Mourinho sent Shaw an encouraging text messaging, to which Shaw reacted in delightfully bashful fashion.

It was funny – I was on my phone flicking through stuff. I got the text and accidentally clicked straight away [ergo showing that he'd read it]. The manager was probably thinking: ‘Jesus Christ!’I said to my girlfriend: ‘I’ve just opened it and I must look so weird now.’

It was fine. I left it a little bit to reply because I didn’t want to look too eager. It was a breath of fresh air when he texted me. I wasn’t expecting it. I spoke to him and it was really positive.

Shaw is expected to start United's Premier League opener against Leicester on August 10th as Ashley Young is still on his post-World Cup holidays.

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