'They're A Mess' - Scathing Paul Scholes Criticises 'Unstable' Man United

'They're A Mess' - Scathing Paul Scholes Criticises 'Unstable' Man United

Manchester United's heaviest Premier League defeat to West Ham in 30-odd years; winning as many points as David Moyes' United managed to accumulate after seven games - whatever way you look at it, Jose Mourinho's side have not made the desired start to the 2018/19 season.

Losing 3-1 at the London Stadium in today's early kick-off, disappoint surrounding the result will be compounded by a performance Paul Scholes described as United's worst "for quite some time."

"We spoke about attitude before the game, and it's been questioned the last three or four weeks, and I think it's got to be questioned again."

Speaking in the BT studio, a disconsolate Scholes criticised the whole structure of the club, highlighting the apparent hostility going on within the hierarchies of the club.

Demonstrating how this is manifesting itself on the pitch, Scholes surmised;"United's attitude was never right, and it hasn't been for some weeks."

Concluding that the quality of players is scarcely evident at this moment either, Scholes outlined his belief that there is simply no chance that United could be considered title-contenders.


When questioned on the future of Mourinho at the club, Scholes is concerned that even if the Portuguese were to go, he isn't convinced anyone else could get a tune out of this current crop of players.

For Ferdinand, another man more familiar with United's happier days, believed today's result to be something of a 'watershed' moment.

Lamenting an 'embarrassing' day for United fans, Ferdinand was quick to commend West Ham's performance. However, he did believe that United's lacklustre approach left the whole game looking like a 'testimonial.'

Under the impression that the manner of United's defeat to West Ham will spark serious discussion within the club about where they need to go from here, a bad week for the club has gotten precipitously worse.

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