Quiz: Name Every Premier League Goalscorer From Manchester United Liverpool Games

Quiz: Name Every Premier League Goalscorer From Manchester United Liverpool Games

Even in normal times, Manchester United vs Liverpool is one of the most compelling ties of any Premier League season.

Add in a rare nighttime meeting between the clubs, on a Thursday no less, and with just a few weeks of the season to go, and it spices things up even more. The fact that tonight's game was meant to happen a couple of weeks ago before Manchester United fans stormed Old Trafford and barricaded the team in their hotel has actually made for a fascinating fixure.

Liverpool need to win their four remaining games to guarantee Champions League qualification, and while United are secure in their spot, and would likely finish second now no matter what the result tonight, nothing would give them more pleasure than keeping their biggest rivals out. (Liverpool fans might suggest this was evidenced on Tuesday night when they rolled over and died for Leicester, but we're not sure that's entirely fair!)

And while we're all a flutter with anticipation for tonight, it's not like this fixture has been short or drama or excitement in the past.  Well, to whet your appetite for Sunday game, we have set you the (impossible) task of naming the scorer of every goal in this illustrious tie since the Premier League's foundation in 1992.

Naturally, there have been some repeat offenders in this tie over the years, so you have 10 minutes to name as many as you can.

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