Marcelo Bielsa Calls Press Conference In Order To Not Apologise Again

Marcelo Bielsa Calls Press Conference In Order To Not Apologise Again

Following the calling of an impromptu press conference, Marcelo Bielsa has given his opinion on the Spy Gate controversy, taking the opportunity to not apologise for the incident again.

The Argentinian has been embroiled in controversy since it was revealed that he sent a spy to Derby County's training ground in order to gather information about Frank Lampard's tactics ahead of their Championship clash.

Bielsa was widely criticised for his actions, with the club issuing an apology to Derby following the revelation, though Bielsa himself hasn't exactly repented his sins, and recently stated that he would spy again, arguing that it would be childish of him to say otherwise.

In the press conference today, Bielsa outlined his thoughts on the matter, but still fell short of an apology, and even went as far as saying that he has spied on every club Leeds have faced so far this season:


Good evening. I called this press conference because tomorrow we have the classic press conference ahead of our game against Stoke City.

One point I'd like to talk about, is that I'm going to make it easier for the investigation of the league. I'm going to give the information it needs.

I observed all the rivals and we watched all the training sessions of the opponents before we played against them. My goal is to make the investigation easier. I don't think this will make it worse what they're looking for than what I am saying right now. By doing that I assume the possible sanctions they will give me."

What I have done is not illegal. We can discuss it, it's not seen as a good thing, but it's not a violation of the law. I know that not everything that is legal is right to do.

About 20 staff create a volume of information, which is absolutely not necessary. It doesn't define the path of the competition. So why do we that? Because we feel guilty if we don't work enough, and we feel it gets us closer to a win even if it's not true.

 Bielsa then went into a powerpoint presentation showing how his backroom staff analyses opponents:

Of each opponent we watched all the games of 2018/19 - we watched the 51 games of Derby County. The analysis of each game takes four hours of work - why did we do that? Because we think it is professional behaviour.

What I'm trying to do is convince you that what I said about not getting an unfair advantage was true. I can't speak English but I can speak about the 24 teams in the Championship.

Derby's fixtures against Chelsea and Manchester United were examined in front of the press by Bielsa as he attempted to explain his position by showing how much analysis goes into his tactical profile of each team.

It appears that Bielsa's argument is that he spies on opposition teams in order to confirm his own team's extensive analysis on them, though that doesn't really make the act any more ethical.

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