Martin O'Neill Delights In Dig At Daily Record And Ex-Rangers PR Man

Martin O'Neill Delights In Dig At Daily Record And Ex-Rangers PR Man

15 years on from ending his tenure as Celtic manager and there are aspects of football in Scotland with which Martin O'Neill thinks back on with a wry perspective.

"You are right about that," the 68-year-old told BBC Radio Scotland's Sportsound when asked if he misses the insanity of Scottish football.

The former Ireland manager went on to have a cut at the Daily Record newspaper and one of its former employees, Jim Traynor, who went on to become Rangers director of communications in 2012.

Some things I definitely miss. I miss us going up to Pittodrie, beating Aberdeen 3-0 and the Daily Record saying ‘Celtic lucky again’. I love it.

And James Traynor for years and years says he supports Third Lanark or something, and then he’s working at Rangers. What a change.

O'Neill spent five years as Celtic manager, winning three league titles and reaching the 2003 UEFA Cup final.

"I love it, it was great days," he said of his time with Celtic.


"My wife - who will think if she ever gets to heaven that even that isn’t good enough for her - loves Glasgow. I love Glasgow.

"It was my favourite time, I really loved it. I loved the football club that I worked for, it was fantastic.

"I would never change those five years for anything in my life."

Picture credit; Pat Murphy / SPORTSFILE

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