Watch: French DJ Scorned For Stupid "Twerk" Remark To Ballon d'Or Winner

Watch: French DJ Scorned For Stupid "Twerk" Remark To Ballon d'Or Winner

On a night when the Ballon d'Or looked set to escape the strangle-hold of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the men's category, history was made as Norway's Ada Hegeberg became the first woman to claim a Ballon d'Or award at tonight's ceremony.

A club player with Lyon, the 23-year-old was an instrumental member of the club's Champions League win last season. With her win signalling a breakthrough in the widespread acknowledgement of women's football, her moment in the spotlight was ever so slightly compromised by the inappropriate comments of French DJ, Martin Solveig.

Picking up the maiden award, Solveig proceeded to ask Hegeberg whether or not she could, nay would, "twerk."

An astonishingly baffling lack of awareness, Hegeberg looked understandably pissed off as she turned and left the stage immediately thereafter.


Particularly troublesome for the manner in which laughter accompanies Hegeberg's understandable disgust, one wonders what possibly possessed the DJ to ask such a question, of such a person, at such a time.

For some context of what brought Hegeberg to this point, you can watch the compilation video of her year below.

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