Marvellous Messi Makes The Magnificent Look Ordinary Once Again

Marvellous Messi Makes The Magnificent Look Ordinary Once Again

Lionel Messi is every journalist's worst nightmare. His consistent brilliance routinely tests the vocabulary of every would-be admirer as they hesitate to cover well-worn ground. A genius. A magician. The greatest in the world. All overused, all true.

Tonight he scored the fastest goal of his career and his 100th Champions League goal. He played the game at his will, driving through the gears whenever it was called for.  The game's master who makes fully committed professional athletes look pedestrian. Algebra in a world still learning addition. Tonight Barcelona won 3-0 against Chelsea, 4-1 on aggregate. Across both legs, Messi scored three.

Once again, the footballing world rose to praise his ability.


Twice he put the ball through Thibaut Courtois after Chelsea's flaying flailing defensive unit failed to get near him. The Argentinian is remarkable in that he looks more comfortable with the ball, seemingly at home leaving a bewildered Victor Moses on his backside as the ball riffled into the net.

Barcelona have already all but wrapped up the La Liga, yet there is some doubt as to whether they have the necessary capability to overcome some of the giants left in the tournament. Those are legitimate concerns, they may not have enough to overcome Europe's superpowers. But Messi does, and with him in the side, Barcelona are a unit fit to rival just about anybody.

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