Messi Scores The Winner And Clashes With Brazil Coach And Captain

Messi Scores The Winner And Clashes With Brazil Coach And Captain

Fresh from a three-month ban, Lionel Messi returned for Argentina and scored the winner as they beat rivals Brazil 1-0 in Saudi Arabia.

The Barcelona forward scored his 69th international goal after his penalty was initially saved but came back to him to rebound in. It was his first game since his suspension for saying the Copa America was "fixed for Brazil".

During the game, Messi could be seen exchanging words with Brazil coach Tite and the 59-year old explained what happened during his post-match press conference.

"I complained because he should have been shown a yellow card and he told me to shut my mouth and I told him to shut his mouth," he said.


I don't want to answer anymore on it. You need a strong referee because he'll swallow you... It should have been a card. I was right to complain.

Brazil captain Thiago Silva also hit out at Messi after the match: "He wanted to run the game, wanted to blow the whistle." He went on to say the referee needed to be stronger.

"Admiration has to be set aside."

The result means Brazil have failed to win in the five games since winning the Copa America.

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