Micah Richards Hilariously Sums Up Why Roy Keane Couldn't Be United's Interim Manager

Micah Richards Hilariously Sums Up Why Roy Keane Couldn't Be United's Interim Manager

What next for Manchester United?

It's clear that the club needed to move on from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but their lack of a contingency plan after his departure has been striking.

Michael Carrick is set to take charge of the next few games, but even after that the club are only looking to appoint an interim manager until the end of the season.

Who could fill that role? It is likely that it will be somebody with previous links to the club, with Lauren Blanc one possible option.

Few characters would be more entertaining than Roy Keane. We can't imagine the club's board would consider the Irishman, but he would certainly shake things up in that dressing room.

That may be part of the problem with his appointment, with Micah Richards brilliantly summing up why he would not be seen as a genuine options on Sky Sports this evening.

When asked about the possibility of Keane getting the role, he said that his public criticism of players in the squad would put him in an awkward position.


Keane: I'm throwing Roy Keane's name into the hat. Roy Keane will sort them out!

Redknapp: Roy Keane and Gary Neville as his assistant, that would be the dream wouldn't it?

Richards: Probably not at this time. I think Roy Keane would be a great manager.

I'm not saying he couldn't do it, I'm talking about the relationship with the players. He has slagged off half the dressing room!

Redknapp: I think it was all of the dressing room actually.

We would pay good money to see Roy Keane manage Harry Maguire for the rest of the season.

If Ed Woodward and co really want to go over the top on their social media engagements, the Cork man is the only way to go.

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