Michu Pens Outstanding 'Thank You' To Football After Confirming Retirement

Michu Pens Outstanding 'Thank You' To Football After Confirming Retirement

Former Swansea City and Napoli striker Michu today officially confirmed his retirement from the game of football due to the ankle injury that plagued the final seasons of his career.

For Premier League fans, the Spaniard will long be remembered for the manner in which he burst on to the scene with Swansea City, thumping home an impressive 18 goals in his first season in Wales.

There will also be a section of fans who cherish him for what he did for their Fantasy Football team that season, but the reality is that Michu was a fine player and a very interesting guy.

Further evidence of that second point comes via his statement that he posted to Twitter to confirm his retirement, as he penned an open letter to football that comes across really, really well.

Dear Football,

According to medical reports, the current situation of my right ankle has come to a point where it has forced me to say goodbye to you as a professional football player today.

Even though I am saying farewell to you with so much sorrow, I know that we will always be united. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the magical moments that you have given to me during all this time. I feel privileged to have fulfilled a dream that is shared by so many of us since childhood. The dream of becoming a professional player in this sport.

Because of you, the public have given me an invaluable affection that I will never be able to repay. Indeed, I feel have done nothing to deserve it at all.

You led me to Vigo to play for Real Club Celta, to Madrid to play for Rayo Vallecano, to Wales to play for Swansea City, to Italy to play for SSC Napoli and to La Felguera to play for Union Popular de Langero. You even allowed me to represent my country by wearing the national team football shirt, sharing the dressing room with colleagues who were world champions. It is thanks to you that I have visited many wonderful countries and cities, but I am especially thankful for the people that I have met through you, whom I will keep in my heart my whole life.

I wish to make special mention to Real Oviedo because the club has taught me all that I have been able to do on the pitch. I also address special thought to all its supporters around the world. Without them, I would never have been so happy throughout this journey. Each and every encouraging word has helped me to move forward when others might have given up.

Before I conclude, I would like to tell you that I consider myself an honest guy, thanks to the education I received from my family and that I have always tried to do my very best for every club that you have lead me to. I wholeheartedly apologise if, at any point, my acts may have upset any of your supporters, who love you madly as I do.

Endless thanks to you, my friend. I will always be in debt with you!

Always yours,

Miguel Perez Cuesta,


What a great bloke.

It's sad that he couldn't enjoy the twilight of his career, but as he says above, at least he got so much out of it while he could. Michu made a mark, and will enjoy cult-hero status among fans of the Premier League for many years to come.

The only thing left to do now is look back and admire his handy-work while wearing the white of Swansea.

Mikey Traynor

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