Mick McCarthy Lauds 'Visionary' Jack Charlton Over Fashionable Klopp

Mick McCarthy Lauds 'Visionary' Jack Charlton Over Fashionable Klopp

Reprising his role in the Virgin Media Sport studio for tonight's Champions League coverage, Mick McCarthy has been railing against the unfortunate rewriting of football's tactical past.

Ahead of Liverpool's tie away to Napoli tonight, the former Irish manager is disappointed at the manner in which the tactical approach of Jurgen Klopp's side is being lauded as a revolutionary, never-before-seen kind of set up.

Taking particular exception to question of pressing, McCarthy believes his former international boss Jack Charlton too often goes without mention while talk turns toward more fashionable terms, such as gegenpressing. 

"I've played here in a team in Ireland with Big Jack, and I say now he was a visionary.

"When I hear people talking about Klopp and people having this pressing game, that is exactly what we did.

"We put the ball in their half, we turned them around, we got up behind them, we pressed them, we nicked it off them and we played in their half.


"It makes me laugh now this gegenpressing, keeping the ball ... we've always done it."

Unquestionably, Mick McCarthy does make some valuable points in how proficient Charlton's team were at pressing the opposition.

What does appear to be unfortunately lacking in this outlook, however, is an examination of what occurred once step one of the process was completed.

Quite unlike Klopp's side, Charlton tended to put a rather lower premium on keeping possession of the ball once the pressure had told.

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