Mick McCarthy Opens Up About The Greatest Song In Irish Music History

Mick McCarthy Opens Up About The Greatest Song In Irish Music History

When the audio is found I’ll have the piss ripped out of me I’m sure.

Sorry Mick, that time is now. A couple of weeks ago the hunt started. A picture of a dusty old copy of 'Did You Ever?' by Linda Martin and Mick McCarthy did the rounds on social media and we all started foaming at the mouth. Long forgotten by everyone, the 1991 duet was a bit of a hit at the time but it was consigned to history. Or so Mick thought.

We simply had to find it. Eventually our search led us to the queen of Irish pop music herself and Linda came up trumps for us. After filling us in on just how the dream duo came to record a song, she managed to get an audio recording over to us and we can proudly reveal it now.

We thought this quest was something only Irish people were fascinated by but little did we know, the East Anglia Daily Times had been sitting on an interview with Mick about this song. When the original speculation about the lost tape began to swirl, they used one of Mick's Ipswich press conferences to ask him the important questions such as 'Mick, what the hell were you thinking?'

Thankfully they've now shared Mick's thoughts with the world and it's everything we wanted it to be.


It was for charity. It’s just one of those things. When things are going well for you, someone comes and asks you if you’ll do it and you wonder at the time if it will come back to haunt you.

Let me tell you, they had to feed me red wine to get me to sing.

I was involved in the World Cup one as well playing the drums. That was perfect for me! At junior school they used to give me the recorder. I thought that was because I was good with the recorder, but it was because I couldn’t sing.

Sorry Mick, that's not what we heard. Linda has put it on record that the former Ireland boss has a very good voice and she also revealed that the last time she had been speaking about the song was when Jason McAteer approached her for a copy to play it on the Ireland team bus.

Mick was asked about that also and his reply made has made all this hunting worthwhile.

Let me just tell you, he never played it. It’s probably just as well because he was hanging by a thread as it was.

We're not sure how Roy would feel about it but if this whole episode doesn't get Mick an invitation to provide some guest vocals on the Euro 2016 song, then we'll be very disappointed indeed.

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Gary Reilly

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