'Who Described Us As Michael Flatley?' - McCarthy Jovial On Duffy Return

'Who Described Us As Michael Flatley?' - McCarthy Jovial On Duffy Return

What do this Ireland team and the 'lord of the dance' have in common? According to Georgia manager Vladimir Weiss, it's their relentless energy.

The Slovakian was speaking in his pre-match press conference when he made the comparison, and it certainly confused a lot of the media members on site. Mick McCarthy would soon follow at the event and he seemed flattered:

Who described us as Michael Flatley? The Georgia manager?

Oh I see, I thought he meant we had good feet when we got the ball!

I think when somebody describes you like somebody who is as brilliant as Michael Flatley, such a wonderful performer and dancer, and a good guy actually, I'll take that as a huge compliment for my team.

If anybody was as good at his sport, his discipline or whatever it is, he's excellent at it. I'll take that as a huge compliment.

Riverdance wasn't the only topic up for discussion, with a huge Euro 2020 qualifier set to take place tomorrow afternoon. It is a game Ireland probably need to win in order to maintain our strong position in the group.

Our chances have been given a significant boost via the return of Shane Duffy to the squad. The Brighton defender had been expected to miss this game due to injury, but has travelled with the rest of the team.


What's more, Mick McCarthy all but confirmed that he would start tomorrow's game.

He's fine. He turned up and I wouldn't let him train yesterday. I told him he couldn't train and he said 'why', and I said 'because I said so'.

I had been asked by Brighton because he had done three days in a row and it was a rest day, so fair enough. He's done that and he will be training today, he's fine...

He's fit to play. He probably had eight or nine days off before he started back jogging, so he's only had that and then he's been training for the rest of the time. He missed yesterday as a recovery day, and I'm cool with that.

I don't need him to run around here, I need him to run around on Saturday if he's fit to run...

It would be kind of ridiculous of me, the way he has played and performed, if he's fit for him not to be in my team wouldn't it? If you're looking for one starter, Shane Duffy has just been outstanding. I'd be bonkers to leave him out.

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