First-Hand Experience Leave Mick McCarthy Pitying Martin O'Neill's Plight

First-Hand Experience Leave Mick McCarthy Pitying Martin O'Neill's Plight

On a disastrously poor night for the Republic of Ireland, where Eamon Dunphy once would have reigned supreme, we now have Mick McCarthy.

Working on the new Virgin Media, the former Republic of Ireland manager doesn't quite possess the acerbic tongue of Dunphy, however.

Citing that he remains a 'manager first,' McCarthy had plenty of sympathy for Martin O'Neill, and, agreeing with his co-pundit Niall Quinn, believes that no other manager could have done a better job with what O'Neill had at his disposal this evening.

Shutting down Tommy Martin's question as to when 'he could start' in the Ireland job once again, McCarthy's loyalties were clear to see. Discussing the negativity that had surrounded the build-up to today's game, McCarthy is concerned that such an atmosphere will only intensify ahead of the next fixture - and he doesn't believe this will help anyone.


I can tell you what it'll be like, it'll be complete negativity. It'll be anti-Martin, for sure ... there's no doubt, because that's the way it is.

I came back from a World Cup, and we'd had a great World Cup ... two games in [to qualifying] and the negativity started against me. I know what's going to happen, and the pressure is going to be on him.

With so much external pressure coming on O'Neill, a poor performance against Denmark next month could see the end of his tenure in charge. Maybe then Mick McCarthy would be more open to Tommy Martin's question?

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