Mino Raiola Aims Another Dig At Manchester United Regarding Paul Pogba

Mino Raiola Aims Another Dig At Manchester United Regarding Paul Pogba

Mino Raoila wants Paul Pogba out of Old Trafford, that much is clear. The agent has been angling for a move for the player since the summer transfer window.

Nothing materialised then, but when you consider that he has barely featured for Manchester United this season, he looks likely to move on in the summer.

His agent certainly isn't backing down from his previous stance.

Speaking to Tuttosport, he hinted that United aren't the type of club the player thought he would be joining, while also admitting he had been talking to Juventus about a potential return to Italy.

He never lost his smile, but clearly a great player doesn’t go to Manchester United only to not challenge for the Champions League or the Premier League title.

It would be bull for me not to admit Paul wants to stay at the highest level. Pogba will first and foremost try to give his best and then we’ll see at the end of the season if he ought to remain or not.

I talk to Pavel Nedved and Juventus about many things, including about Pogba and other players, as is only right for a big club.

You need to get information, see what’s happening, put down a few hypotheses, dream a little… Along with Juventus, there are other clubs in for Paul, but right now he is with Manchester United.

There’s nothing impossible in the transfer market, that has already been proved by Juve, PSG, Real Madrid. The achievement of impossible things is part of this business.


Pogba has been on sidelines for most of the season with a number of different injuries, leading some to further question his commitment to the club.

A divorce certainly looks like the best outcome for all parties at this stage.

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