Mixed Messages Continue Surrounding Pogba's Future At Manchester United

Mixed Messages Continue Surrounding Pogba's Future At Manchester United

From one extreme to the other. Rumours surrounding the future of Paul Pogba at Manchester United are spiraling into confusion.

On Saturday morning, fans unveiled a banner outside PSG's Parc Des Princes. "Pogba you should listen to your mother, she doesn’t want you here. Neither do we!", the banner read.

The French giants have been the most active top European club in this summer's transfer market. A financial drought in many of the top leagues has left them bidding with themselves.

Many PSG fans are unhappy with being linked to Pogba. According to some, Pogba and his family are Marseille fans, who feature in 'Le Classique' as the biggest rivalry in Ligue 1.

Just as the PSG rumours were making headlines, reports surfaced later that talks between Pogba's representatives and Manchester United had broken down.


The reports suggested that it was becoming 'increasingly unlikely' that Pogba would resign at Old Trafford, and that he had turned down a 'concrete offer' from the club.

Later on Saturday, Manchester United would face QPR in a pre-season friendly. In an match that saw 22 substitutes brought on by either side, the Londoners went on to win 4-2.

United's squad were absent of many of their bigger stars, including Pogba, who is resting after Euro 2020. Post match, manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer dispelled rumours that he was leaving.

"Paul is always in the media, there is always speculation," the United boss said. "Whenever he has been here, he has been so professional, he’s always ready to give everything for the team and that will be the case if Paul stays here, or he might stay for even longer."

According to Ole, "The talks are ongoing between Paul's representatives and the club's representatives. All that I've ever heard with Paul is he's looking forward to the season."


It was a complete 180 from what had been leaked earlier in the day. The rumours suggesting Pogba's new contract talks had broken down were reported by Sky Sport's Dharmesh Seth, a reputable enough source.

Nonetheless, when we hear it from the horses mouth per say, it's evident that Solskjaer and Manchester United want to resign Pogba, and hope to do so soon.

The 28-year-old is entering into the final year of his contract. Manchester United will have a big decision to make if they can't negotiate a new deal, as they could face letting him go on a free next summer.

"We've seen Paul at his best, Paul knows what we feel about it and I've enjoyed my time working with him and hopefully we can continue working together," Solskjaer added.

So it's been a 24-hour spell that's seen PSG linked, PSG fans revolting, talks reportedly not reaching a conclusion and talks reportedly never reaching a conclusion.

Breathe in, breathe out. There's no doubt there's many more stories about Paul Pogba's future to come.

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