Life Imitates Art As José Mourinho Signs On As Phone-In Host

Life Imitates Art As José Mourinho Signs On As Phone-In Host

In 2007, José Mourinho was sacked by Chelsea for the first time. He had won the league with the club twice, and before that had won the Champions League and UEFA Cup with Porto. He was 44 years old. Within a year, he was Inter Milan manager, and in 2010, brought the Italian giants the Champions League trophy.

In the meantime, he became a football phone-in host.

Or at least, a parody existed of such a scenario. Mario Rosenstock hosted a puppet show with José as the anchor.Setanta Sports has emerged as the Sky Sports Premier League challenger of the day, and as Mario's Gift Grub José had gained such popularity, Setanta gave him his own show called "I'm On Setanta Sports." For a time, it seemed as though puppet José was the face of the station.

The show was later rebranded as Special1 TV and was broadcast on BBC Three, with expanded regular puppets such as Arsene Wenger and Wayne Rooney.


14 years on, José Mourinho has once again been sacked by a London team, but the future is far less certain. He's 58 years old and has had no real success since once against winning the title with Chelsea in 2015. Many argue his time has passed.

And so, it's should surprise nobody that José is taking some time out and cashing some cheques while he's at it. He has joined The Sun as a columnist for the Euros, and this morning, it's been announced that he's also joining talkSPORT.

Mourinho is joining the sports radio station for their Euros coverage, covering England's group games, as well as a number of knockout games including the final. As part of the deal, he will be taking fans' calls post game, thus fulfilling his Setanta Sports destiny all these years later.

We await to see if his former players will flood the airwaves begging him to come back as they did all those years ago. There's no word yet as to whether Wayne Rooney, Sven-Goran Eriksson or Arsene Wenger will be part of the coverage.


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