Watch: MUTV Presenter Fuming After Kids Call For Solskjaer Sacking On Air

Watch: MUTV Presenter Fuming After Kids Call For Solskjaer Sacking On Air

Working as part of a club's in house media can be a tough gig.

Regardless of how badly things are going on the pitch, you can't exactly go and slate the players or the manager. They are technically your colleagues after all. It's not like they are going to be calling for the manager to be sacked on the air.

They can go a bit too far the other way on occasion. MUTV, Manchester United's television channel, has forged a reputation in recent years for never saying anything negative regardless of what happens on the pitch.

That is what makes this incident so funny.

During their broadcast after this afternoon's draw with Everton, the presenters (one of whom appears to be former Ireland defender Alex Bruce) were approached by two kids. When asked for their opinion on the game they definitely weren't expect the response they were about to get.


The first child can be heard saying "Ole out", while the second child responds with "same here, Ole out, Sancho is crap".

The presenter definitely wasn't too happy about the whole situation.

Of course, Ole Gunar Solskjaer has come under heavy scrutiny in recent times, with many believing he is incapable of leading Manchester United to major honours. The team have not really grown under his tutelage and you still can't see any real discernible game plan despite him being in charge for almost three years.

Don't expect to hear any of that on MUTV though, unless they get these kids back on again.

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