Lennon Dismisses Gary Breen Negativity About Shane Duffy's Celtic Move

Lennon Dismisses Gary Breen Negativity About Shane Duffy's Celtic Move

In a Tuesday press conference, Neil Lennon swiftly dismissed Gary Breen's suggestion that Shane Duffy's move to Celtic would have a negative impact on the centre-back's performances for Ireland.

Duffy scored his first goal for Celtic on Saturday in a 5-0 victory against Ross County. Breen believes Duffy should easily get to double figures for goals this season.

"This is a brilliant move for Celtic but the quality of player he is playing against now will be a big concern for Ireland," Breen told Off The Ball.

"He is not going to be up against quality centre-forwards. There is no centre-forward in Scotland who would play in a Premier League team. None.

"He is going to be playing against lesser quality and that is a concern."

That suggestion was given short shrift by the Celtic manager.

"That’s just someone who doesn’t know the game up here," said Lennon.


"I can give you a list as long as your arm of players who have come up here, thrived and gone on to better things or had a great career while they have been here.

"I think Gary’s comments are totally unnecessary, unfounded, there’s no sort of substance to them whatsoever and completely wrong.

"I think this will be great for Shane’s career, great for his profile – it’ll make him a better player and that means a better player for Ireland as well."

"He had a great debut and got better as the game went on so he should take a lot of confidence from that and everyone was delighted for him."

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