The Furious Reaction To The Neil Taylor Two Game Ban

The Furious Reaction To The Neil Taylor Two Game Ban

On March 24, Neil Taylor broke Seamus Coleman's leg in two places. Experts predict Coleman may be back on a football pitch some time early next year but we have no idea what kind of effect the injury will have on Coleman's career.

In the days after the tackle, there was talk of FIFA throwing the book at Taylor for the injury. Eight game bans were mooted.

Today, also known as Ban Day in football, white smoke has been spotted in Zurich. FIFA has ruled on the Taylor tackle, and decided it merits only a two game ban. Taylor was, of course, due to sit out Wales's game in Belgrade next month because he was sent off for the aforementioned leg break. So in effect, FIFA have merely added a single game onto the ban.

Compare FIFA's punishment of Taylor with that of Luis Suarez, who was banned for 9 matches over 4 months for nibbling on Giorgio Chiellini, and you can see why football fans in Ireland and Liverpool were not impressed.


Donny Mahoney

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