New Liberian President George Weah Praises "Father Figure" Arsene Wenger

New Liberian President George Weah Praises "Father Figure" Arsene Wenger

He has finally done it. After failed attempts to secure the office previously, former Ballon d'Or winner George Weah is set to become the President of his native Liberia.

In the build up to this momentous election, Weah had been speaking to The Guardian of his hopes and intentions should he be elected:

I am called to service for the love of my country and the love of my people. I want to become president because I think I can do more for my people in this position.

Although it has long since become Weah's past life, the former Monaco, AC Milan and Chelsea player became the first African footballer to claim the Ballon d'Or in 1995.

Discussing the influences from his experiences as a professional footballer, Weah identified his manager at Monaco as an incredible source for good in the Liberian's life; Arsene Wenger:


When I moved to Monaco I didn't play for the first six months. But I was determined to showcase my talent, to prove to those back home, that I was a good player.

[Arsene Wenger] was a father figure and regarded me as his song. This was a man, when racism was at its peak, who showed me love. He wanted me to be on the pitch for him every day.

Weah, who won a Coupe de France under Wenger at Monaco, found in the French manager a person who provided him with the foundation to showcase his talents in the way he soon would:

One day, I was quite tired of training and told him that I was having a headache.

He said to me: "George, I know it's tough but you need to work hard. I believe that with your talent, you can become one of the best players in the world."

So, I listened and kept going on. Besides God, I think that without Arsene, there was no way I would have made it in Europe.

Yet another testament to Wenger's incredible talents, it is unlikely that his influence has ever led to a former player going on to become a head of state.

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