Under Armour's New Boots Take The Predator 'Curly Bits' To New Extremes

Under Armour's New Boots Take The Predator 'Curly Bits' To New Extremes

The Adidas Predator is easily the most popular line of football boots ever made, and while the design of the boot would change from year to year, certain features remained constant and became what pros and amateurs alike desired in their football boots.

Aside from the tongue-strap, of which our love is now well known, this is also true for the rubber detailing added to improve contact with the ball, or 'curly bits' as they were affectionately known as by punters in Ireland who were convinced that adding them to the boot would increase their free-kick accuracy by 100%.

If you subscribed to the idea that 'curly bits' made you a better dead ball specialist, then you are going to be madly in love with the newest Under Armour boot that is due for release in the coming weeks.

The blackout Under Armour ClutchFit 3.0 is what Batman would wear if he was a footballer, but they are also made up almost entirely of textured rubber designed to aid with striking the ball.



Firstly, all-black was a great choice as by using different colours Under Armour could have been releasing a headache of a boot, something which has become all too common in modern football.

But that is a seriously unique design, and one which may just pique the interest of someone in the market for a new boot that isn't luminous in colour and was a fan of the old school Predators.

Get in touch and let us know what you think, is this a hit or a miss for Under Armour?


Mikey Traynor

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