You Can Now Get An Extra 30% Off In Nike's Massive Jersey Sale

You Can Now Get An Extra 30% Off In Nike's Massive Jersey Sale

The Nike website is having another amazing sale on jerseys this July, so if you missed out last time be sure to take a look now. These shirts flew off the shelves last time out, and there is certain to be a lot of interest this time out too, with savings of up to 40% on big names.

Not only that, but you can get an extra 30% off when you use the discount code SUMMER30 at the checkout.

We can't resist a bargain jersey here at Balls, and here are some of our favourites:

2018 Poland Home - €23.08 €32.97 €50.00 

nike jersey sale julyYou cannot go wrong with a white jersey with red accents, and this Poland jersey is no different.

The slight off-white diagonal split is as clean as you can get on a jersey, and this is just gorgeous.

2018 France Away - €31.83 €45.47 €90.00


nike jersey sale julyMuch like the Poland jersey, simplistic white jerseys are hard to get wrong.

The red and blue signatures throughout the jersey are subtle, but they add a certain Gallic flair to this number.


Tottenham Hotspur 2019/20 Home - €38.21 €54.47 €90.00

Have we spoken on white jerseys before?


This Spurs jersey is exactly what a Lilywhite jersey should be: all-white with navy trim.

Atletico Madrid 18/19 Home - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julySometimes, you've got to switch up the stripes.

The jagged edges in the centre of the torso on this Atletico jersey, coupled with the subtle blue intertwining, makes this stand out.

France 2018 Home - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julyOnce you pull this jersey on, you'll feel like Kylian Mbappe.


The two-tone blue is gorgeous, with the jagged design on the sleeves a nice touch.

FC Barcelona 2018/19 Away €36.03 €51.47 €85.00



nike jersey sale julyDuring the summer months, you want to stand out.

Luminosity is the keyword when describing this Barca strip, but the classy blue and red cuffs make this highlighter-like jersey.


Spartak Moscow 2018/19 Home - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julyAnother two-tone jersey, but another belter.

It may be over a half-decade since an Irish player donned the red of Spartak, but this jersey, with its asymmetric design on the torso, is a winner.

Greece 2018 Home - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julyNike made the right move to simplify white jerseys in 2018.

The cleanest look of all is going for an all-white look with slight blue accents, and this Greece jersey will have you looking cool for the summer.


FC Zenit 2018/19 Away - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julyThere's something about the aqua blue on the sleeves of this Zenit shirt that just works.

White with two-tone blues throughout, it's got to be a winner.


Hertha BSC 2018/19 Home - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julyNike decided that classic stripes needed to be jazzed up in 2018, and this Hertha shirt exemplifies that.


The blue and white stripes are interrupted by consistent horizontal lines on this eye-catching number.

Galatasaray 2018/19 Home -€36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julyGalatasaray jerseys should always be amber and red with a split, and Nike haven't messed with tradition here.

There genuinely isn't much to say about this jersey other than the obvious: gorgeous.

AS Roma 2018/19 Home - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julyYou've got to love subtle holographic detailing.


Roma know what they're about when it comes to their home jerseys, and burgundy with yellow trim is a winning combination.

Australia 2018 Home - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julySometimes, Nike like to go stir crazy with the sleeves of their kits, and this Australia beauty is no exception.

If you like Time Cahill and having your arms look like a Joy Division album cover, this one's for you.

Chelsea 2018/19 Away - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julyEvery couple of years, regardless of kit supplier, Chelsea go for a yellow jersey with minimal blue trim.


It worked in the early 2000s, it worked in the late 2000s, and it certainly works here.

Chelsea 2019/20 Home - €38.13 €54.47 €90.00

This jersey is the perfect example of how a club, kit manufacturer and sponsor can work in tandem to create a great jersey.

All of the patterns and colour schemes suit everyone perfectly on this kit, and it is absolutely stunning.

Kaizer Chiefs 2018/19 Away - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00


nike jersey sale julyI predict a... never mind.

This Kaiser Chiefs away jersey incorporates a number of colours into one synthesised number, and the results look good.

Dynamo Moscow 2018/19 Home - €36.03 €51.47 €85.00

nike jersey sale julyCool blue is always a good time, and this Dynamo jersey is another example of it.

Simple, yet stunning.

Inter Milan 2019/20 Home - €38.13 €54.47 €90.00


Milan is one of the fashion capitals of the world, so its only right that Inter have a kit that showcases that.

The diagonal lines on the sponsor are a joy to behold. Just beautiful.

PSG 2019/20 Jordan x Fourth - €38.13 €54.47 €90.00

This is the jersey of choice for the streetwear kids.

PSG x Jordan is a landmark collaboration for football jersey, and the tricolore strip down the centre is a perfect touch.

AS Roma 2019/20 Away - €38.13 €54.47 €90.00

Sometimes, you don't want plain white away jerseys.

Sometimes, your preference leads you putting a huge lightning bolt on a jersey. Sometimes, it just works.

RB Leipzeg 2019/20 Home - €38.13 €54.47 €90.00

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