North Korean U17 Keeper Banned For Comical Attempt At Match-Fixing

North Korean U17 Keeper Banned For Comical Attempt At Match-Fixing

Match-fixing is a very real and very serious problem in some parts of the world, but that doesn't mean it can't look hilarious when someone makes an absolute bollocks of it.

Unfortunately for North Korean U17 Jang Paek-ho, he has been banned from the U17 World Cup and fined, along with his manager and the North Korean FA, for his absolutely baffling attempt at throwing a match.

Here is the clip which surfaced in September and now sits at an incredible 4.6 million views... If you cringe at the thought of embarrassing yourself in front of your friends, consider how that number might feel.

So, so bad.

Seemingly, he was instructed to concede a goal in order to secure a perceived easier draw in the AFC Under-16 Championship. Uzbekistan won the match 1-0 and played Iraq, who went on to win the tournament, in the knockout stages.

The BBC are today reporting that fines have been issued, and the player has been banned from the U17 World Cup which North Korea qualified for thanks to the easier draw.


Jang Paek-ho was beaten by the opposition goalkeeper as North Korea lost 3-1 to Uzbekistan at the AFC Under-16 Championship in September.

The Asian Football Confederation also fined and banned the team's manager.

It said Yung Jong-su and Jang "brought the game into disrepute" with "the deliberate conceding of a goal".

Manager Yung was fined £4,000, Jang was fined £800 and North Korea's football association was fined £16,000.

In all seriousness, it's an absolute disgrace getting children to cheat, and the fines don't seem like enough.

Furthermore, it is disappointing that this young lad appears to have been sacrificed so that the team could go on and compete at the U17 World Cup, which should question their involvement in the tournament at all.


[via BBC]

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