One Liverpool Fan On RAWK Made A Stunningly Accurate Season Prediction Back In August

One Liverpool Fan On RAWK Made A Stunningly Accurate Season Prediction Back In August

RAWK is a Liverpool fan forum that has a bit of a reputation for having a meltdown when things aren't going so well for the Reds, in fact, there is an account on twitter dedicated to highlighting moments of meltdown and broadcasting them to the World.

But there are, however, some very insightful armchair analysts on there, and one fan in particular made a predication so accurate that it boggles the mind.

Back on August 9th, 2014, a user by the name of Brentie shared his supposedly pessimistic views with his fellow Liverpool fans:

I've said it before and I got pilloried for it, but I'll say it again.

This is going to be a car crash of a season.

Even had we not sold Suarez, I expected us to suffer a severe hangover from last season. I wrote in May that most teams similar to us (teams that punched above their weight and unexpectedly challenged for a league title but ended up failing), generally suffered from a hangover the season after. Fucking hell, I'm nowhere near over not winning it last year. I don't have a clue how we can expect the players to be.

I just don't see, psychologically, how we can "go again". After such highs, can the players go through the mundane few weeks of the season without feeling a major difference? Take the opening game at Anfield vs Southampton. There'll be no welcoming parade. It's back to normality for everyone. Can they accept that without there being an impact?

We have a horrible start to the season, fixtures wise. 2 away trips to City and Spurs is the last thing this team needs so early on. If we have a bad start, I feel there will be a horrible sense of deflation within the fanbase and the squad- from the captain and everyone else. I feel they'll start feeling sorry for themselves over what happened in May, over losing Suarez and it will take a lot of time for us to recover.

Losing Suarez is an absolute nightmare for us. I strongly feel it will have hurt every single one of those players in the squad. A minority on here try to downplay Suarez's importance to us, but I'm sure the players know just how much he brought to the team. You do not lose a player like that and move forwards or sideways (unless you're a team that is used to winning trophies on a yearly basis). Suarez's contribution was not just about goals and assists: it was about fight, sacrifice, dedication and leadership.

I mean, look at this Coutinho interview:

Coutinho was asked what he felt when he was excluded from the Brazil World Cup squad: “Anger. Not because I’m selfish, but because I could have offered something.

I’m going to use this anger and push myself to my limits. I saw how Luisito (Suárez) was a maniac in training. At this point, my body and mind feel like clay. I will mold it the way I envision, and I will use my fire to make them harder.”

It's simple psychology. How much did a thumbs up from Luis push Raheem Sterling on? How much was Suarez's acceptance important for someone like Jordan Henderson? How much did Suarez's name on the team-sheet petrify opposing defenses, before a ball was even kicked?

Add that to a host of new players we need to bed in, Champions League football for the first time in 5 years (And the first time in Rodgers' career), and a horrific pre season where we lost key players to injuries, failed to bed in our 3 most expensive signings and missed out on our seemingly only 2 attacking replacements for Suarez (For different reasons), and it doesn't look good at all for us.

Not convinced by our signings at all too. Lovren has had 5 good months in the last 3 seasons (he was basically chased out of Lyon and was poor in the 2nd half of last season). Lambert is passable as a 3rd striker, but is nowhere near suitable for our style of play. We're a Sturridge nigggle away from having him lead the line at the Etihad and White Hart Lane, which would be horrific. Markovic and Can are exciting talents, but we surely can't expect too much from them in their first season at such young ages. Lallana will have missed all of pre season, have had no friendly games to adapt to the team and will be thrust in with a big price tag on his head. Far from ideal.

This term, we'll have the season we all expected us to have last year. We'll challenge for 4th but end up missing out. I'm fine with that, but I suspect the narrative will be that it was a failure and the fact is, that would mean that we went backwards. A bad start, and there will be a huge cloud around Anfield that won't be lifted for a while.

I predict 6th. No doubt that many will call me a moaning and negative bastard but that's what I expect. Hopefully we'll get a cup run to set the pulses racing, but I foresee a season of transition for us.

And you can check the post here to see that the last edit was made back in August when it was posted, so it appears to be fully legitimate.



It's worth checking out wheter or not this lad has fully cracked time travel. It's actually eerie how spot on it is, capped off by a correct prediction of Liverpool's position in the Premier League table.

via r/soccer.

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