Paul Merson Has Drastically Changed His Tune On David Luiz After Arsenal Transfer

Paul Merson Has Drastically Changed His Tune On David Luiz After Arsenal Transfer

The transfer of David Luiz from Chelsea to Arsenal is one that was a bit of a shock, but upon reflection it actually makes plenty of sense.

Arsenal needed a centre back, one for a reasonable price that they could plug in and play right away. Under Frank Lampard, Chelsea are embracing a youth movement which likely would have seen Luiz drop down the pecking order.

The £8million price tag made it something of a no-brainer for Arsenal, even if Luiz does not come without  his flaws.

One person who is certainly a fan of the transfer is Paul Merson. The Sky Sports pundit wrote in his column for the Daily Star that this signing will be the difference in the top four race. He is backing his old club to get their ahead of Chelsea.

While he admits Luiz has his moments and is not a top level defender, he is a decent signing for Arsenal.

It’s ironic that Arsenal have looked all over Europe for a centre back and ended up signing one right on their doorstep.

But it ticks the boxes in some ways. Luiz has plenty of experience, he’s a winner with a big personality, a leader. Arsenal don’t have those kinds of characters.

He can also go straight in without needing any time to adjust. He’s used to the league and the country. He won’t need a few weeks to settle.

I just think that if a top club is selling a player to another top club, there’s something wrong. Chelsea don’t do this deal and strengthen a rival unless something has happened.

Of course this being Paul Merson, you have to take this opinion with a grain of salt.


This is especially true when you consider what he has said about David Luiz in the past. Here was his reaction when Chelsea signed the player for his second spell on deadline day in the summer of 2016.

I don't get it, I don't get it. I'm sorry, no I don't get it at all.

They sold him for a reason, because he kept on making mistake after mistake, took too many liberties.

Quinny might be right, he might have matured. I watched him the other day against Monaco and he gave away a penalty where you just couldn't catch your breath.

I'm not surprised they dropped him off probably.

But look, we all say things in the heat of the moment. Perhaps after a few days of reflection he would have softened his stance?

Nope. Here he is over a week later on the same channel.


Then there is this after the 2017 FA Cup final.

At the end of 2018 he said David Luiz could be a direct cause of Chelsea missing out on silverware.

So while Merson did point out that Luiz still has some flaws, it is a major change to say he could be the difference for a side attempting to qualify for the Champions League.

It's hardly because he's now playing for his team?

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