Paul Pogba's Family Are Even More Flamboyant Than Him

Paul Pogba's Family Are Even More Flamboyant Than Him

If you've been watching Manchester United vs St Etienne in the Europa League Round of 32 at Old Trafford on Thursday evening (which United lead at the time of writing thanks to a flukey Zlatan free-kick), you're probably aware that it's a family affair for the Pogbas. Florentin Pogba, the more famous Pog's 26-year-old brother, is playing for St Etienne in midfield. And Mother Pog is at the game as well.

We're well used to seeing Paul Pogba's, eh, flamboyant hair in the Premier League. But it turns out that his ma and his brother are even more daring in their fashion choices than Paul.

First, there is Florentin, who has gone one step further than his brother in terms of elaborate hairstyling and shaved both his and his brother's number into either side of his barnet.

Paul Pogba brother hair


Then there's the players' mother. She has done the sensible motherly thing and, instead of choosing one son over the other, found a way to accommodate both of them with a split Manchester United/St Etienne top.

Not sure if Roy Keane would approve of the Pogbas' brother love in the tunnel, though!

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