Coronavirus Battle Led Reina To Have One Of The 'Worst Moments Of My Life'

Coronavirus Battle Led Reina To Have One Of The 'Worst Moments Of My Life'

Pepe Reina said that he endured one of the "worst moments of my life" as a result of the effects of Covid-19.

The 37-year-old goalkeeper is currently on loan with Aston Villa from AC Milan. He began to feel unwell nearly a fortnight ago.

"It is only now that I am winning the battle against coronavirus," the Spaniard told Corriere dello Sport.

I was very tired after experiencing the first symptoms of the virus. A fever, dry cough and a headache that never went away. It was just that constant feeling of tiredness.

The most difficult moment was when I could no longer breathe, the 25 minutes I ran out of oxygen. It was the worst moments of my life.

The only real fear I had was when I understood there was no oxygen: endless minutes of fear, as if suddenly my throat had closed. As a result I spent the first six or eight days indoors.

Reina went into self-isolation before Boris Johnson announced a lockdown last week. He told Spanish radio station Cope at the time that he felt "privileged" to live in a house where it would be easy.


"We have a big house, with a garden," he said.

"I think of the people who live in a 70m squared apartment with two children and for me they are people who are showing a lot of strength."

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