Watch: Peru Fans Stake Claim As Best Fans At The World Cup

Watch: Peru Fans Stake Claim As Best Fans At The World Cup

In the absence of a certain nation's fans at this summer's World Cup, it was inevitable that one country would step into the vacuum left by them. That country appears to be Peru, with many videos emerging online of their passionate support. This one taken ahead of their match against Denmark:

There have also been some brilliant stories emerging about Peru fans and their exploits in Russia with this one, Tweeted by  Guardian writer Stuart James, particularly endearing:


What makes the Peruvian's invasion of Russia is made even more astounding given the fact that Peru is a third world country with one fan telling Dream Team FC of the sacrifices that some fans have had to make in order to support their team:

There are people selling everything they own in order to come out here.

There have been people re-mortgaging their houses over two years ago, before we’d qualified, in the hope that they would be able to come to Russia. It’s crazy.

You have to understand, Peru is a third-world country so it’s not easy for many – I’ve heard about some fans who haven’t even booked accommodation here, and are just sleeping wherever they can at night.

Peru fans have come over in their droves with an estimated 43,483 tickets sold to Peru supporters.

Now they may not have repaired any dints in cars, or lulled any babies to sleep, but if Peru keep it up Ireland may have a challenger to their 'best fans in the world' crown.

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Eoin Lyons

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