Peter Crouch Explains How Players Use Instagram To Manipulate Fans

Peter Crouch Explains How Players Use Instagram To Manipulate Fans

The idea that you should not believe the image some portray of themselves on social media, especially Instagram, is no revelation.

It might be wheatgrass for breakfast and swims at the break of dawn when the cameras are on but when they're off, there's a frozen pizza in the oven like the rest of us.

That notion also extends to footballers.

Speaking on Monday's Second Captains football podcast, Peter Crouch explained.

"The Instagram stuff, I've seen players use that and twist it around, that has angered me at times," said Crouch.

The 37-year-old cited the example of one particular teammate.

I've seen someone in training who's not tried a leg and is then going home and putting [out pictures of] himself doing extra training, running up stairs or filming himself on Instagram going through ladders on his driveway.

I'm like, 'I've just watched you and you haven't tried a leg in training and you've gone home and pretended to do some ladders on Instagram'.


The result: supporters are manipulated.

"Then the fans are asking, 'Why is he not playing? Look how much he's putting in; he's going home and he's doing extra'.

"It's like being a fraud and it does anger me that people believe it. It's pulling the wool over a little bit.

"Instagram is so big now, it's got such a big following and people believe what's going on on it."

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