Peter Crouch Nearly Killed Dirk Kuyt A Week Before The Champions League Final

Peter Crouch Nearly Killed Dirk Kuyt A Week Before The Champions League Final

Back in 2017, Peter Crouch sat down with Four Four Two for a great video interview which was uploaded on the football magazine's Youtube account where he discussed his career, his frustration in not starting the 2007 Champions League final and his dealings with the chain smoking Croat Robert Prosinecki, among other things.

The most entertaining part of the interview however, came about when the former Liverpool man was asked about almost running over Dirk Kuyt in a go kart. Here is the striker's recollection of the incident:

I think it was before the Champions League final... I think we were in Portugal, we had a week before the game and we went away we were training and we went go-karting.

Went out, obviously going around the track and I've come in, I've flew into the pit obviously where we stop. I thought right I'll just brake now. No brakes whatsoever... so I've seen Alonso and I've seen Kuyt and I thought who's more valuable? So I've swerved into Kuyt and fair play to him he literally jumped with his legs like that and I've gone straight through him.

...God's honest truth it was quite dangerous.


To be fair there probably wouldn't have been a fan that would have swerved into the pivotal Alonso. You wonder how different that final would have been if Crouch had made any sort of a connection with the robust Dutchman.

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