Phil Neville's Big Day Out, As Photoshopped By

Phil Neville's Big Day Out, As Photoshopped By

If you believe twitter, then Phil Neville is the most boring man since... Well, ever (or at least since James Milner). His monotonous co-commentary during England's World Cup opener with Italy was so uneventful that it lead to a particularly amusing twitter backlash, and inspired us to create the following imaginings of what the man apparently known by Man United players as "**** off Phil" gets up to on a typical boring day.

When asked about an upcoming trip to the dentist, Phil responded:

"Nobody likes the waiting room, but it is important to wait until the dentist is ready."


Next up for 'Fizzer' is a thrilling trip to the park to feed the ducks:




Most people hate queueing in the post office, but not Phil, he loves it:



Respect on the training pitch is a big thing for Phil Neville, it may not have worked out in Carrington, but that won't stop him from giving 100% where required:




Is the real reason that 'sad Keanu' was so melancholic because Phil Neville sat down and tried to discuss Italy's emphasis on the right wing? We think so.


Mikey Traynor

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