The Plane Carrying Missing Emiliano Sala Has Been Found

The Plane Carrying Missing Emiliano Sala Has Been Found

The plane that was carrying missing Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala and pilot David Ibbotson has been found, Sky News has reported. The wreckage was discovered on the seabed of the English Channel, with the families of both men informed of the discovery today.

The search efforts of the Guernsey police had proven fruitless in the immediate aftermath of the plane's disappearance had proven fruitless, with the search eventually ended without any success. The family of the missing footballer then hired a private search team of their own, with funds donated by a number of fellow professionals, such as Kylian Mbappe, in order to continue the search.

Two vessels were looking for any indications of the missing plane's location when the discovery was made. While both men involved in the crash are presumed dead, no bodies were found.

Sala was travelling from Nantes to Cardiff in the small passenger plane when it disappeared from radars on January 21st. The player had only signed for the Premier League club for £15million a couple of days prior, and was taking care of a few matter in his pervious location before making the move. He had been due to start training with his new teammates the following day.


Sky News correspondent Tom Parmenter, who is in Guernsey in the Channel Islands, had this to say:

It was early this morning at about 9am, the very early stages of the search that had got underway at first light this morning in this zone 24 miles north of Guernsey, that they saw something with the sonar equipment that they had on board.

"They carried out further passes over that area to pinpoint and have a closer look.

They went through various stages of identification through the course of today, and David Mearns, the man leading that private search, confirmed to me that they have now positively identified the wreckage as that of the plane that had been carrying the Argentinian footballer.

Both families have been informed of that development. Devastating news is how David Mearns described it to me.

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