Poll: Vote For The Greatest Name In Football

Poll: Vote For The Greatest Name In Football

Arguments about the greatest players ever to grace the game have long been debated in studios and pubs alike. Usually you'll have your modern fans worshipping at the altar of Messi, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho while a few old codgers will demand that Best, Maradona or Pele be conferred as top dog.

There is always dissent and disagreement, and I expect this poll to be just as contentious. We need your help to vote for the greatest name in football. Now before you start, this isn't a hilarious names vote so when 'one size Fitz Hall' and Stefan Kuntz aren't one of the choices, don't come crying to me.

This is a poll to establish what is the greatest name in football is based on the poetry of the title, the alliteration, the assonance, the musicality. In other words what names sounded the most euphonious when bellowed out by a commentator after a goal. Euphonious. There's your new word of the day.

I'll also ask users to disregard every players skill level or stature in the game as these factors don't truly reflect whether someone has a great name. Feel free to get in touch with any great names we may have missed out on as this list was created from my own contrary opinion.


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Eoin Lyons

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