Power Ranking The Consistently Gorgeous New MLS Jerseys For The 2015 Season

Power Ranking The Consistently Gorgeous New MLS Jerseys For The 2015 Season

The 2015 MLS season kicked off this past weekend, and Robbie Keane is already running the show. After an entertaining first round of fixtures, it became clear what sides are well equipped for a playoff run (Seattle, LA Galaxy), and which teams have decided to focus only on brining in one or two big names and filling the rest of the squad with mediocrity akin to the Pro Evolution Soccer Master League default players.


Whatever about the standard of play and the clear gulf in class between certain squads, the MLS always seems to have gorgeous kits. Maybe it's the exclusivity deal which means all the teams must have equipment made by the same company, in this year's case Adidas, that means a certain uniformity which results in a lack of horror shows, but whatever it is, it works.

Here are the best MLS jerseys for the 2015 season.

#20 - New England Revolution Away Jersey

mls jerseys
Ok, maybe they are not ALL gorgeous, because this one certainly isn't. What looks like a rejected design for a Welsh rugby kit, this effort is supposed to incorporate the New England flag into it's design, but it just doesn't work.

#19 - Sporting Kansas City Home Jersey


mls jerseys
Good idea, bad execution. Had the pattern been a bit softer it would have been lovley. Instead? Pyjamas.

#18 - DC United Away Jersey

mls jersey
Just not a big fan of that pattern at all.

#17 - Real Salt Late Away Jersey

mls jersey
Not such a bad jersey, but this effort straight out of the Adidas teamwear catalouge is outclassed by the rest in this ranking.

#16 - New York City FC Home Jersey


mls jerseys
We get it, you're linked with Man City.

#15 - Colorado Rapids Away Jersey

mls jerseys
Romanian Rapids fans will be delighted with this number. The colours work well, and an adjusted club logo to match this shirt is always a good call.

#14 - FC Dallas Away Jersey

mls jerseys
We're getting down to the good stuff now, a solid striped effort for the fans who can drag themselves away from High School Football to attend an MLS game.

#13 - New York Red Bulls Home Jersey


mls jerseys
A shirt that normally places high in a power ranking, this year's Red Bulls effort is a bit uninspiring. Last year's was certainly nicer. Still a cool shirt.

#12 - Philadelphia Union Away Jersey

mls jerseys
Simple, elegant, funny sponsor, this jersey also has faded stars woven into the middle for added "MURICA" bonus.

#11 - Chicago Fire Away Jersey

mls jersey
Narrowly missing out on the top 10 is this lovely jersey. Nice colours, a sponsor that works. Nothing negative to say.

#10 - Montreal Impact Home Jersey


mls jersey
The sponsor works to add a little splash of Canada into a very classy jersey.

#9 - Toronto FC Home Jersey

mls jersey
Back-to-back Canada here, same sponsor, still works well. They don't mess about with their kits up there.

#8 - LA Galaxy Away Jersey

mls jersey
A very nice kit for Keano to strut his stuff in. Would have placed higher were it not for the "WE'VE WON IT 4 TIMES!" star placement that doesn't look good. Same pattern as the DC United one but the colours work this time.

#7 - Vancouver Whitecaps Home Jersey


They get very tasty indeed from here on in. This is a bloody brilliant effort, the faded pattern from the shoulders down works very well.

#6 - Columbus Crew Home Jersey

columbus-crew-sc-2015-jerseys (3)
A strong jersey with an aesthetically pleasing sponsor. Great effort.

#5 - Seattle Sounders Home Jersey

It's hard to mess up the Sounders jersey, and this year they didn't. The colours are beautiful and the sponsor is very cool. A perennial Top 5 jersey.

#4 - San Jose Earthquakes Away Jersey


san-jose-earthquakes-2015-away-kit (1)
That pattern.

#3 - Houston Dynamo Home Jersey

Another one that always seems to be gorgeous is the Houston Dynamo home jersey. The faded pattern again here just works.

#2 - Portland Timbers Home Jersey

portland-timbers-2015-home-kit (2)
We're suckers for a green jersey here at but this one is absolutely faultless. The club badge looks brilliant, and the colour integration is fantastic. Unlucky to miss out on top spot.

#1 - Orlando City FC Home Jersey

Oh baby. Any time we see a purple jersey we are immediately thrust back to memories of Harchester United, so thats a plus straight away. The gold trim, the excellent club logo, the inoffensive sponsor. An absolute beauty.

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