Power Ranking The 10 Tastiest Liverpool Kits Of The 21st Century

Power Ranking The 10 Tastiest Liverpool Kits Of The 21st Century

With Liverpool announcing their new home kit for the 19/20 season yesterday, it got us thinking: what have been the best Liverpool kits since the turn of the century?

Looking back at their offering in the past 19 years, there have been some absolutely horrific efforts. The tail end of the Adidas era and the entirety of Warrior's tenure at the club were disasters.

We did get some very nice kits in the early noughties however, while New Balance have come up big in the past couple of years. Below we have ranked our 10 favourite Liverpool kits of the 21st century.

10. 06/07 Third Kit

This kit was one that definitely looked better when the jersey and shorts were combined, giving it a nice flow.


It was a little bit of something different and will always be remembered for the famous victory in the Nou Camp, a feat Liverpool will be hoping to repeat in the next few weeks.

9. 06/07 Away Kit

Liverpool have had a few attempts at the yellow kit over the years, but this effort from the 06/07 season was definitely the pick of the bunch. Something just looks right about that red font, while the Champions League patches add that little bit extra.

8. 00-02 Home Kit


Liverpool's first new home kit after the turn of the century, The Reds would enjoy some major successes in this one. They would win five trophies in the space of a few months in 2001 (three if you don't the Community Shield and UEFA Super Cup).

We also saw prime Michael Owen in this jersey, winning the Ballon d'Or in the same year.

7. 01/02 Away Kit


A plain but solid effort, this was a tasty number for the 01/02 season. They won the European Super Cup in it too, which is something I suppose.

6. 04-06 Home Kit

While this one may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, it is one that Liverpool fans love seeing. The club would complete the miracle of Istanbul in this kit, as well as a fantastic comeback in the FA Cup final one year later.


You can't see this kit without immediately thinking of Steven Gerrard's heroics in both of those finals.

 5. 17/18 Home Kit

Last season's kit was right up there with the best of them, with New Balance employing a darker shade of red than we have become accustomed to in recent times to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the founding of the club. The yellow crest also adds a bit of pop.

It will invoke some fond memories for supporters as well, with Klopp's side winning a number of key games in these colours during their run to the Champions League final.

4. 09/10 Away Kit


This was a hugely popular jersey at the time, and it has aged much better than some of its counterparts from the same era. While it coincided with the season that started Liverpool's worst period on the pitch in some time, it is a nice looking kit.

Perhaps best remembered for the beachball goal at Sunderland.

3. 18/19 Home Kit


This season's effort is a strong one, keeping with the darker colour we saw last year. The collar is a nice touch, while the white stripes on the shoulder add a little something extra. As this kit shows, sometimes less can be more.

If Liverpool can experience some major success in this one in the coming weeks, it could jump even further up the rankings.

2. 18/19 Third Kit


Some people are not fans of this one, but we think it is right up there with the best of them. It is a modern take on a retro classic, paying homage to the famous grey kit from the 88/89 season.

It really stands out when you see it on the pitch, and is the best alternate kit Liverpool have had. It just works.

1.19/20 Home Kit

Liverpool have not had pinstripes on their home kit since the mid 1980's, but that is going to change next season. They're back and with a bang too! The yellow crest and New Balance logo contrasts nicely with the white sponsor. It may not matter for these rankings, but the goalkeeper kit is perhaps the best one we have seen.

This modern twist on the classic jersey that Liverpool won two European Cups in is sure to be a massive hit with the fans, giving it such a high place on our rankings. We genuinely think this is the best kit Liverpool have had this century.

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