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Quiz: Can You Name Every FIFA Cover Star Since 1997?

Quiz: Can You Name Every FIFA Cover Star Since 1997?

With FIFA 19 just around the corner, many fans are starting to really get themselves geared up for this year's edition.

The EA Sports title has had a devoted following ever since its first release in 1994, but how well do you remember those games?

Can you name every cover star since FIFA 97?

In order to make the quiz fairer, we have excluded the first three editions of the game as they featured fairly unknown players (apart from David Platt). They were Piotr Swierczewski, Erik Thorstvedt, Andy Legg and Ioan Sabau.

While the cover on the games has varied in different parts of the world, we have used only the UK edition of the game. As a hint, the nationality of the player and the years they featured on the cover have been given.


If it does not display correctly, you can take the quiz here.

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