Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Leeds Premier League Years

Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Leeds Premier League Years

On 15th May 2004, Leeds United bid farewell to the Premier League. It was a 1-0 defeat to Claudio Ranieri's Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, thanks to a goal from Jesper Gronkjaer. Yes, it's been that long. In fact, A LOT has happened in that 16 years Leeds have been away.

Nobody ever thought they'd be gone that long. In 2006, they lost a Playoff final to Watford. A year later, they were relegated to League One, where they spent three seasons. It's been a long road from here to there. Last year, the everlasting dark cloud over Leeds United only intensified when Marco Bielsa brought them to the brink of promotion, only to be self-destrct late in the season and ultimately being undone by Frank Lampard's Derby County in the Playoff semi-final.

This season, despite a two month delay which Leeds fans feared would scupper them again, they are finally back where they belong. With West Brom's defeat to Huddersfield last night, promotion was confirmed, while they were declared champions after Brentford's defeat to Stoke this afternoon.

But how well do you remember Leeds's last time in the Premier League. The entered the first ever season of the league as Champions and had plenty of ups and downs over their 12 years in the league. How well do you remember their most famous players, managers, goals, and games?

We've given you 13 questions. Leeds fans who know their history should really be getting full marks and most Premier Leagues fans who are old enough should know most of them. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

Good luck!



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