Quiz: Name All Irish Players Involved In League Cup Finals Since 2000

Quiz: Name All Irish Players Involved In League Cup Finals Since 2000

The Coca Cola Cup, the Worthington Cup, the Carling Cup (the best moniker in our humble opinion), the Carabao Cup, the EFL Cup.

There are plenty more names that the League Cup has assumed over its history, but you get the gist of what we're saying.

Taking the format of a league-only tournament that was first introduced in the League of Ireland (shout out to the League of Ireland Shield), the League Cup has become the baby brother of the FA Cup during its 60 year lifespan.

In recent years, it's been utilised as a chance to blood youth team and reserve players, as well as being the cup of choice for one Jose Mourinho.

Like we always try to do here at Balls HQ, we aim to put an Irish spin on anything and everything.

So, we've devised a quiz where within seven minutes, you have to name every Irish player that has been involved in League Cup finals since the year 2000.

The player must have made at least the bench for the final, but coming onto the pitch isn't a requirement.


There are 24 players to get, but there are several multiples, so really it's quite a lot less.

Are you ready to Rumbelows Cup? Can you prove your Worth-ington's? Are we now just Milk Cup-ing it? We apologise.

7:00 on the clock, 24 to get, how will you fare?

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Sean Meehan

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