Quiz: Can You Name The World Cup Away Kit From Its Dodgy Wikipedia Icon?

Quiz: Can You Name The World Cup Away Kit From Its Dodgy Wikipedia Icon?

We're fans of a good football kit here at Balls, and there's no better stage on which to showcase the best in football fashion than a World Cup. We've seen some classic kits over the years, but some of the best World Cup kits aren't quite done justice by their depiction on Wikipedia.

For context, the official Wikipedia pages for each World Cup tournament has a game-by-game breakdown of the tournament, with each team's kits depicted with icons that look like they've been designed on Microsoft Paint, circa 1997.

Just take a look at their depiction of the 2018 World Cup final.

World Cup final kit 2018 Wikipedia

They're recognisable, sure, but that's about as big a compliment we can pay them. We've decided to pare through the history of World Cups and give you a nigh-on-impossible task: can you name the World Cup away kit from its dodgy Wikipedia depiction?

There are 10 kits to name, and there's no time limit. You can mull over your answers for as long as you like but beware - you may drive yourself as mad as we did putting this quiz together!


Name the World Cup kit from Wikipedia

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