Rangers Fan Condemned For Vile Abuse Of Scott Brown

Rangers Fan Condemned For Vile Abuse Of Scott Brown

Sunday's Old Firm Derby seemed unusually free of controversy, but a video has emerged in the last 24 hours that makes you wonder about human civilisation.

As Scott Brown was leaving Ibrox following Celtic's 2-0 win Sunday, he was filmed being verbally abused by a Rangers fan who shouted 'How's your sister?. The comment stopped Brown in his tracks.

Brown's sister Fiona died from cancer in 2008 aged just 21..

Many Rangers fans condemned the comment.


He's been banned by Rangers for life and it's hard to know why he wasn't arrested on the sport. Brown's best friend Kevin Thompson coaches at Ibrox and summed the idiot up perfectly:

 "I love football to bits it’s been my life, but seeing that video of someone saying that to Scotty made me sick, love the rivalry love the battle, so many amazing fans who respect what the club represent, no place ever for pricks like that. Brilliant seeing so many disgusted by it."


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