Ray Houghton Questions Role West Ham Played In Declan Rice Betrayal

Ray Houghton Questions Role West Ham Played In Declan Rice Betrayal

The only thing worse than knowing Declan Rice will never again pull on an Irish jersey is how absolutely ecstatic, and indeed a bit surprised, the English are that he will be representing them.

It's something that we'll just have to deal with over the next couple of days.

On TalkSport, broadcaster Danny Kelly was stunned into silence at the announcement, and it wasn't long before the radio station turned to another "mixed nationality" Irish legend in Ray Houghton to articulate the morose from this side of the Irish Sea.

The Glasgow-born midfielder managed to control what must have been a demonic ire to serenley give a pragmatic assesment of the saga.

Like all of us, he was very much of the opinion the West Ham midfielder was destined to adorn the green.


"He was nurtured from a young age", said the former Liverpool and Aston Villa maestro. "All the feedback of late was that he was going to go with Ireland", continued the 57-year-old.

Scorned and broken like the rest of us but able to put on a brave facade, Ray decided to take the high road and offered Mick McCarthy a friendly bit of advice.

He's better than what England have at the moment.

It's a quality of player we haven't quite got, but there's nothing we can do about it now. Mick has to get on with the players he has.

Asked by Baker's co-presenter Mickey Quinn as to what role money may have played in Rice's decision, Houghton surmised that it's part of the footballing world in which we now live.

"It's part of being a footballer in this day and age. With playing for England comes book deals before World Cups and other endorsement opportunities", our Stuttgart hero noted.

But it was West Ham who Houghton thinks may have played a pivotal role in the decision.

You have to look at the club. Transfer fees are much higher for players playing for England.

We salute your restraint Ray.

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