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Nicky Byrne Went To Desperate Lengths To Protest Henry's Handball Against Ireland

Nicky Byrne Went To Desperate Lengths To Protest Henry's Handball Against Ireland

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a Reputable Irish Sports Site talking about Thierry Henry's handball, forever.

This writer appeared on The Nicky Byrne Show on RTE2FM this morning, for a general chat on some of the week's sports stories that evaded the main headlines. Among the stories mentioned was yesterday's revelation that star-gazing, TV-proposing mope Raymond Domenech is still interested in managing Ireland, in spite of his history of standing idly by as Thierry Henry inflicted mass righteousness upon this small nation by handling the ball in a World Cup playoff.

Mention of this news stirred memories of that playoff, and turned to the somewhat absurd fallout that followed it. Your correspondent tried to crowbar his favourite vignette from The Great Righteousness - a Liveline caller claiming that the nation should boycott Cuisine de France (which is an Irish company) - before Byrne divulged the lengths he went to in protest.

Byrne, still mourning the loss of his father, responded to the injustice by phoning FIFA's headquarters and asking to speak to Sepp Blatter.

I called FIFA.

I was experiencing grief as my Dad had just passed away suddenly, and that game was the week after. I probably wasn't thinking straight, but I was so annoyed that the World Cup had been taken from our grasp. I called FIFA. [I was talking to] Some random secretary.

No, I didn't [tell them who I was]. All I said, 'You call this fair play? Put me on to Sepp Blatter'.

I didn't quite get him, but she said to put it all down in an email.


Byrne denied that he was the caller asking for the Cusine de France boycott.

You can listen to the full story on the 2FM website. 

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