Real Madrid Deny 'Absurd' Rumours They Want To Join The Premier League

Real Madrid Deny 'Absurd' Rumours They Want To Join The Premier League

The image of Real Madrid playing in the Premier League may seem completely nonsensical, but rumours have circulated in Spain today that that is exactly what Real want.

This afternoon, the club moved to clarify that they don't want to join the English top flight, despite reports to the contrary in the Spanish media.

Real Madrid deny Premier League rumours

The owner of Real Madrid, Florentino Perez, was the ringleader of the ultimately doomed European Super League project, and Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported earlier on Saturday morning that his efforts to pull Real out of La Liga weren't over just yet.

Mundo Deportivo reported that, despite the seismic impact it would have, the club are seriously considering pulling out of La Liga due to what they see as "continuous attacks" from the league's president Javier Thebes.


MD also reported that, in the event of Real pulling out of La Liga, that the Premier League was president Florentino Perez's preferred destination. The club have now moved to quell these rumours, saying in an official statement:

Given the information published today by the newspaper Mundo Deportivo, in which it says that our club studied the possibility of moving from LaLiga to the Premier, Real Madrid wants to assert that this information is completely false, absurd and impossible and it only intends to disturb, once more, the day to day of our club.

We should have known, with the track record of Florentino Perez, that the fallout from the Super League was not quite over, but these rumours surrounding Madrid are absolutely bizarre.

What's even stranger is the image of Real Madrid lining out at the likes of Selhurst Park in the Premier League.

When Florentino Perez said in April that he wanted to "save" football and that the best teams should always be playing each other, we'll admit we didn't think he was thinking of Brighton and Burnley.

It's unlikely this move will happen, but the fact the club have had to release an official statement on the matter shows how dire relations are at the moment between Real Madrid and La Liga.

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