Report: Manchester City Propose Double Deadline Day Transfer Window

Report: Manchester City Propose Double Deadline Day Transfer Window

Manchester City have proposed a major change to the current transfer deadline, which would essentially see two separate deadline days introduced.

Under the current system, Premier League teams must complete their transfer business before the start of the season, with this summer's deadline being the one day before the first game of the year. That left a number of teams rushing to get deals done, while the transfer window in most of the European club leagues didn't close until the end of the month.

The Daily Mail are reporting that Manchester City proposed a change to the current structure at a shareholders' meeting last night.

Under the new proposal the transfer window would have two deadline days, one for domestic transfers and one for overseas deals. Deals between English clubs would have to be completed before the start of the season, but deals that involving overseas teams would be in line with deadline days throughout Europe.

This would allow clubs more time to finish deals, and would also stop them from being held to ransom in their attempts to sign players from foreign clubs. Under the current system, European clubs hold an advantage when discussing transfers with English teams as they know they have to get a deal done.


European teams can also poach Premier League players at a time when they cannot be replaced.

The move will be discussed at two upcoming meetings, where it will need a majority of 11 Premier League clubs to back it.

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