Report: Martin O'Neill To Be Offered New Deal Regardless Of Qualification

Report: Martin O'Neill To Be Offered New Deal Regardless Of Qualification

A report today by Garry Doyle in The Times quotes an unnamed senior FAI source as saying that regardless of what happens in Ireland's two remaining matches, Martin O'Neill and Roy Keane will be offered a two year extension.

Doyle's source claims that injuries to Seamus Coleman and other key players must be taken into consideration when assessing the team and that the FAI "like to think we give our managers time."

If this is accurate, and of course, if O'Neill is willing to accept the new deal, it's an interesting move from the FAI, so close to the results of the last week.

With two games left, qualification appears close to impossible for O'Neill's team.

Ireland sit in third place in the group, after last week's disastrous results, one point behind Wales. Assuming Wales don't slip up away to Georgia, Ireland will need to beat them in Cardiff as well as get three points against Moldova in a double header on October 6th and 9th to get back into second place.

Even then, we would need several results to go our way that week to avoid being the 9th best second place team, thus missing out on a playoff space.

And if that's all unlikely enough as it is, Ireland would then be in the bottom group of teams for the seeded playoffs, meaning the likes of Italy and Holland could await in the potential playoff.




Given the reaction of supporters and pundits alike since the two games in the last week, it's unclear if this news will be met with much positivity from the Irish football community.

Of course, it is fair to point out that the loss of Seamus Coleman, our captain, talisman, and one world class player, has had a massive impact on the group and on Ireland's performances.

That said, he is just one player. Overall, it's debatable whether or not this Irish squad has suffered more injuries than one typically would over the course of a long campaign.

O'Neill has undoubtedly done a good job at times as Ireland manager, but the trend of results is not good, and issues with the style of play and perceived lack of a gameplan is starting to irk fans of the team, while the serious lack of goals from the team is very worrisome.

You can read the entire report, along with the quotes from the FAI source in Garry Doyle's piece in the Irish edition of  The Times

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