Richard Dunne Believes Denmark Captain Is Weak Link In The Side

Richard Dunne Believes Denmark Captain Is Weak Link In The Side

While the lads over in Copenhagen are having the craic outside of Victoria's Secret, the nerves are starting to kick in for those of us back home waiting for Denmark vs Ireland to kick off.

Since the draw was made Ireland fans have been watching Tottenham Hotspur's games more closely than usual, watching the likes of Harry Kane, Toby Alderweireld, and Jan Vertonghen limp off the pitch with injuries while Christian Eriksen floated about the pitch in the shape of his life, as it was clear that he would be the biggest threat over these two matches.

The biggest threat, but not the only threat. Players like Thomas Delaney and Pione Sisto are also capable of causing problems, and have also been mentioned when discussing the dangers Martin O'Neill's men face, but there has not been much talk regarding their weaknesses.

That changed on match-day, as Richard Dunne had a column published on in which he takes a moment to point out what he believes to be a weak link in the back-line.

Despite the fact that one of the two centre-backs expected to face Ireland plays his club football for Brentford, Dunne believes that Denmark captain Simon Kjaer is someone we should be looking to exploit.

There is a real danger in focusing all our attention on one man, like Eriksen, and forgetting about the rest. They do have real quality in their squad, I saw Pione Sisto play for Celta Vigo against Manchester United in the Europa League last year and he was really impressive, he’s a player who can cut inside and he’s not afraid to shoot.

If you take your eye off him, I am sure Eriksen would be happy to get all the attention if someone else, like Sisto, gets the goal and the glory.

The way Denmark have played, they can score goals but a weak link is Simon Kjaer at the back. I saw him play for Sevilla against Spartak Moscow in the Champions League and he was really poor, if you harry him and put him under pressure you can force him into a mistake.


The game Dunne is likely referring to is a Champions League match from October in which Spartak turned Sevilla over 5-1 in Moscow, although it was Simon Kjaer who scored the Sevilla goal on that day.

It's an interesting suggestion, and one which would likely be scoffed at in Denmark. Earlier in the week, Peter Schmeichel described Kjaer as a warrior who will fight for every ball, so it's clear that the Danes hold him in high regard if that wasn't already obvious by the armband he'll be wearing against Ireland.

Only time will tell, but if Ireland bag an away goal after a Kjaer mistake Richard Dunne is going to look like the first time-travelling pundit. In fairness, we'd never rule him out of anything. Except hurling, he's woeful at hurling.

You can read Dunne's preview of Denmark vs Ireland in full over on

Mikey Traynor

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